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Singleton Health Centre
10 Singleton Centre
TN23 5GR

Tel: 01233 645888/639298
Fax: 01233 620516

Stanhope Surgery
St Stephens Health Centre
St Stephens Walk
TN23 5AQ

Tel: 01233 527654/645888
Fax: 01233 620516

Walk in Flu Vaccination available for over 65’s only: 
Saturday 19th October 2019

Time: 9am-1:00pm, no appointment necessary

Unfortunately due to a late decision by the WHO, the flu vaccine for the adults under 65 has been delayed in manufacturing. Please check back for updates on dates of arrival

Opening Times

The Singleton Health Centre is open for administration from 8.00am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday. T

Our Doctors

Dr Iwin Varghese, Dr Lesslie Ponraja Dr Banin Ahmed, Dr A Thomas Dr S Jan



From 3rd September 2018 Singleton Health Centre will be running a new appointment system. Our aim is to provide appropriate and fair access to all patients while ensuring we manage demand within our available resources. Above all we wish to provide care that is safe and appropriate to patient needs. There will be a period where both patients and staff become familiar with the new system and we will be grateful for your understanding during this time.

Access to a GP by triage

Appointments with our GPs will be moving to a triage system. This means that the receptionist will no longer book an appointment for you with the GP unless the GP has already given you a time and date for the appointment to be booked. Instead, if you wish to see or speak to the doctor, whether for something urgent or routine your request will be allocated to a GP who will call you back on the same day that you make your request.

How the system will work

  • Our lines will be open from 08.00 Monday to Friday to take requests for appointments. Patients who are not wanting to book a same day appointment will be asked to call back after 10.00am.
  • If they are unable to resolve your need by phone they will offer you a face to face consultation with an appropriate clinician. This may be a same day appointment or an appointment booked for some time in the next four weeks depending on their discussion with you.

The receptionist will ask you to provide as much information as you can regarding your needs. If you require access to a GP they will place your request on the call back list of one of the GP's available that day. The GP will call you to discuss. In some cases it will be possible to resolve over the phone. If a face to face consultation is required the GP will make this booking for you. By sharing the triaging of calls among our GPs the intention is to provide a service that is more responsive and which ensures that those with the most urgent need are prioritised and given face to face appointments where necessary.

What stays the same - access to nurse, clinics and general enquiries.

Patients will still be able to book appointments with our nurses via the receptionists. These appointments will not be subject to triage, except where after speaking to a GP they decide that you should see a nurse. Our reception staff will be available to help with administrative and general enquiries as well as prescription requests.

Why we are changing

Many practices around the country are moving to triage systems in order to adapt to growing patient demand and difficulties in recruiting doctors. Several other Practices in Ashford are already running similar triage systems. Although the system is about managing demand it is also about providing appropriate access for patients. It is also about the safety of ensuring no individual GP has too many patients to deal with on a single day. The new system is not an attempt to deal with fewer patients overall but to provide a means by which patients can access a Clinician appropriate to their needs more efficiently and which enables us to be responsive. We do not intend that the new system will lead to less demand and it is not our intention to discourage patients from contacting us. Our objective is to achieve an appropriate balance between the types of GP consultation (face to face, phone, urgent or non urgent) and the particular needs of our patients. Our current system is not flexible enough to achieve this.

As a new system we are keen to ensure that we monitor closely how well it is working. While similar systems have been successfully implemented in many Practices in recent years we will be keeping a very close eye on how the system performs here. To assist with this we will be encouraging patients to provide feedback on their experience via e-mail to: accg.singletonhc@nhs.net.and surveys carried out within the Practice.

If necessary we will modify the system and continue to review how it performs. We will seek to keep patients informed of any changes and to discuss the system through our Patient Participation Group.

We acknowledge that there will be a period of adjustment for both patients and staff and we are grateful for your understanding during this time. We assure you of our best efforts at all times to make this work well for all.

Kind regards

Singleton Health Centre

Patient Participation Group

If you would like to learn more or have questions about the strategy please look at the Patient Participation section of the website for details of future meetings. As the process of integrating the Practices continues we will be posting updates on our website.

Date of next meeting: TO BE ARRANGED

To view Willesborough Health Centre website: www.willesboroughhealthcentre.co.uk

Disabled Access

We have disabled access.

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